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DK60 / DK60TP

Mechanical keyboard based on HHKB layout with or without Trackpoint.


Just another fun(?) keyboard with HHKB layout.

Can accept normal caps lock or stepped. No backlit or RGB leds, just 2 leds on Caps lock and Esc.

All caps are in standard size to increase choice of keysets!

Accept MX, ALPS and clones switches.

Designed to fit in some 60% Poker cases.



Bottom row:

  • 1U - 1.5U - 6.25U - 1.5U - 1U
  • 1U - 1.5U - 6U - 1.5U - 1U
  • 1U - 1.25U - 7U - 1.25U - 1U


⚠️ Still in development ⚠️

DK60TP is just a big update of DK60 with support for IBM Trackpoint, backlit and RGB underglow.

My goal is to recreate a Tex Yoga like but with many custom layouts.

Electronic is divided in 3 parts:

  • Keyboard PCB (compatible with some 60% Poker cases)
  • Mouse buttons PCB
  • IBM Trackpoint





DK60 is officially supported by QMK:

DK60TP still in development and does not have actually associate firmware.

Used softwares

I've only used Open Source software to make all parts of this project.

List of used softwares:

  • OS: Debian
  • Kicad
  • QCad
  • Freecad
  • ...

Third party

Libraries and Footprint are provided by Hasu, /u/techieee and mohitg11.