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DK60TP Light

Mechanical keyboard with backlit and Trackpoint support.

The light version does not include RGB underglow.

⚠️ Still in development ⚠️

=> Check develop branch for up to date version


  • Poker case compatible (if you don't use Trackpoint)
  • IBM Trackpoint
  • Many layouts
  • Backlit
  • Open Hardware

Supported layouts


PCB render




DK60TP allows some customisations like caps lock led or mouse emulation by using trackpoint.

For all pinout above, pin 1 is represented by the square hole.


To use trackpoint you need to connect the MOUSE PCB with the MAIN PCB. Trackpoint need to be connected to the MOUSE PCB.


  1. Vcc
  2. GND
  3. D2 (data)
  4. reset
  5. D5 (clock)

Capslock led

Capslock led can be tuned to :

  • enable internal led
  • disabled it
  • use external led

To do this you need to play with the 3 pins connector placed near the reset button.


  • 1: +Vled (square pin)
  • 2: Integrated led
  • 3: GND


Integrated led

Place a jumper between pin 1 and 2.

External led

Connect your led between pin 1 and 3.

Disable led

Remove the jumper or place it between pin 2 and 3.


DK60TP still in development and for now does not have associate firmware, but it will be supported by QMK firmware.

Used softwares

I've only used Open Source software to make all parts of this project.

List of used softwares:

  • OS: Debian
  • Kicad
  • QCad
  • Freecad
  • ...

Third party

Libraries and footprints are provided by Hasu, /u/techieee, mohitg11 and me.